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My Easy Woodworking Plans is a site dedicated to the craftsman with a sense of adventure. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, My Easy Woodworking Plans is able to meet your building needs. At My Easy Woodworking Plans, we have the most recent, largest selection of plans for the best price. Thanks for visiting!


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Measure twice, cut once

We here at My Easy Woodworking Plans are interested in giving you maximum enjoyment for your precious time.

Measuring before you cut is an important part of the building process. Incorrect measurements account for  many unnecessary trips back to the local lumberyard. It’s not so bad if you cut a board to long, but, just like hair, if you cut it too short, you can’t glue it back on!

When wood is incorrectly measured and cut, the result will be a poorly fit-together piece. Gaps will show, corners won’t fit together – you will spend a lot of your precious time creating a big mess, not a treasured keepsake.

My Easy Woodworking Plans will teach you the proper methods of taking and using those measurements to cut the wood exactly as needed. To do this, you will need the following tools. You will likely be able to find all these things with one trip to the local home-improvement store.

  • Incra precision marking rule
  • Incra precision T-square
  • Precision bend rule
  • Try-miter square
  • Combination square
  • T-bevel
  • Protractor or angle finder
  • Caliper (digital is best)
  • J-square center finder
  • French curve
  • Flexible curve
  • Pencils

If you measure twice and cut once, you will save yourself costly woodworking mistakes.                                            ~Hank

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Posted by on September 27, 2011 in My Easy Woodworking Plans