Our Story

Do you like the look of handcrafted wood furnishings?
As a young man I looked around for good quality furniture and home furnishings, and do you know what I found? Junk. Lots of it. Poor craftsmanship, sub-standard materials,uneven, hastily applied finishes, the list of bad quality could go on forever! So, I thought to myself, “Hank, you know how to use tools. You know where to find great wood. Why not learn to make your own wood furnishings?”
The search begins
Once I decided to construct my own decor, I had no idea where to go for plans. I knew you couldn’t just go down to the local lumber yard and start picking out wood with no ideas. How much you need to complete a project? Which wood works best for a particular project? Do I need screws or nails? What about varnish? Stain? Clear coat? Obviously, I needed to find woodworking plans. And they needed to be easy.
The search continues
First, I decided I wanted to make a coffee table for my mother. She had very simple tastes, adoring clean lines and not so many frills. Great! A perfect first project – uncomplicated! So I sat down at my computer and googled woodworking plans. A plethora of hits appeared. How to choose?
What is all this?
So many sites, so little time! I could surf for days and never find what I wanted! I soon came to the realization that many sites were out to scam you, asking you to give up information in return for absolutely nothing.
Aha! Moment
This is when I knew for sure I was on a mission. There were plenty of men like me who had a desire to build, and we had no time or wish to sift through countless pages of nonsense to find what we were after. So, I decided to build my OWN site, creating a venue where novice builders could get plans quickly without a lot of hassle.
It’s A Site!
My Easy Woodworking plans was born. It is my fervent hope and greatest desire to meet your building needs. Please feel free to leave comments and questions, and thanks so much for stopping by!


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