Incra T-rule

The Incra T-rule (aka T-square) comes in a variety of sizes for all different users: Professional, Imperial, Metric, and Tiny (pocket-size). Made from stainless steel, all rules feature Incra’s patented micro fine guide and height holes.

The Professional T-rule is the most versatile rule offered by Incra. Incra makes this rule in 6’/150mm and 12”/300mm lengths. The Incra Professional T-rule has all the standard marking holes as well as .5mm increments. With three vertical inches of marking holes every 1/32”, you can’t go wrong with this rule!

With guide holes at 1/16”, 1/32” and 1/64”, the Incra Imperial T-rule is available in 6”, 12” and 18” lengths. The Imperial has height guides of 0”-3” along the ends at increments of 1/32”.

The Metric Incra T-rule comes in a 300mm length, featuring marking holes at full, 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 mm from 0 – 150mm. The metric rule offers 0- 50 mm height marking slots across the end in millimeter increments.

Incra’s Tiny T-rule measures 3” x 4.5”, has standard guide holes(as on the Imperial) measuring 0”- 3” and has slotted height marking holes on the end at every 1/32”. This great little tool fits right in your pocket, making it a wonderfully portable tool!

The T-bar is very easily adjusted and allows for vertical marking, just like a normal T-square. This enables you to make modifications quickly and precisely.

Incra Rules are available for purchase separately or in combination packs. Use is simple with the trademark Incra holes and slots. Just take your handy-dandy .5mm mechanical pencil and you will have your lines marked off in no time flat. They are a fantastic time saver!

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Incra Precision Marking Tool

The Incra Precision Marking Tool is a radical new tool for your measuring needs. Crafted from a thin stainless steel, the Incra Precision Marking Tool can take a lot of punishment in your wood shop.

Featuring tiny holes at increments as small as 1/32”, measuring is quick, easy and accurate. Rules can be purchased in the following sizes: 6”,12”, !8’, 3” x 2” pocket size, as well as 150mm, 300mm, and 10” decimal/mm.

While the Incra Precision Marking Tool is made from the finest stainless steel, it is quite thin. Proper storage is necessary to keep your tool accurate. Beware of the corners as they are very sharp, which gives a precise measurement, but will get your fingers if you aren’t careful!

Although the Incra Precision Marking Tool may look a little intimidating at first glance, this rule is actually quite easy to use. Just locate the proper corresponding hole, and using a .5mm pencil, make your mark. I recommend using a mechanical pencil for marking, instead of the old-fashioned I need to be sharpened just when I have my ruler where I want it type.

While other rules may lie flat against the wood, the Incra Precision Marking Tool has the advantage of being thin which, in turn, makes it more accurate. Think about it – a bulky ruler with no holes to mark in might get you the correct measurement, but it is still your eyesight and the maybe-not-so-accurate markings on the old-fashioned wooden ruler you are perhaps using. I wear trifocals, and could never trust my eyes to “sight” a piece!

Measuring your wood is so very important, and one wrong cut makes an improperly fitting joint, uneven corners and results in an unprofessional looking piece. If you are spending your time and hard earned dollars to create something beautiful, you want the best in tools to work with.The Incra Precision Marking Tool is a must have for any serious wood crafter.

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My Easy Woodworking Plans is a site dedicated to the craftsman with a sense of adventure. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, My Easy Woodworking Plans is able to meet your building needs. At My Easy Woodworking Plans, we have the most recent, largest selection of plans for the best price. Thanks for visiting!


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Measure twice, cut once

We here at My Easy Woodworking Plans are interested in giving you maximum enjoyment for your precious time.

Measuring before you cut is an important part of the building process. Incorrect measurements account for  many unnecessary trips back to the local lumberyard. It’s not so bad if you cut a board to long, but, just like hair, if you cut it too short, you can’t glue it back on!

When wood is incorrectly measured and cut, the result will be a poorly fit-together piece. Gaps will show, corners won’t fit together – you will spend a lot of your precious time creating a big mess, not a treasured keepsake.

My Easy Woodworking Plans will teach you the proper methods of taking and using those measurements to cut the wood exactly as needed. To do this, you will need the following tools. You will likely be able to find all these things with one trip to the local home-improvement store.

  • Incra precision marking rule
  • Incra precision T-square
  • Precision bend rule
  • Try-miter square
  • Combination square
  • T-bevel
  • Protractor or angle finder
  • Caliper (digital is best)
  • J-square center finder
  • French curve
  • Flexible curve
  • Pencils

If you measure twice and cut once, you will save yourself costly woodworking mistakes.                                            ~Hank

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